This means so much to me


This means so much to me


「溺れる前に」/「斜最ぬん」の作品 [pixiv] #pixitail


Romanticisation of Mental Illness, Kelsey Weaver


Armin Arlert | SnK 59 | For Em, the Queen of Armin


patterns used are all from this pixiv user.

I need money to pay bills at buy food and help pay for the mortgage of our house and due to my health issues i’m having trouble getting a “normal” job, so i figured i could open commission!

Can do:

  1. fanart
  2. original characters (from text descriptions or reference images)
  3. humanoid and anthro characters
  4. "cartoon-y" animals or fictional characters
  5. basic backgrounds (at no cost)
  6. nudity

Cannot do:

  1. mecha
  2. extensive or overly complicated armor
  3. scenery (i.e. no complicated backgrounds)
  4. "realistic" animals or fictional creatures
  5. porn 
  6. gore/guro/vore

**please remember, i can’t read your mind! the better you communicate with me on what you want (pose, colors, expressions, etc.,) the better your piece will turn out**

busts and waist up pieces are available but vary in price due to complexities, sorry!

If you’d like to set up a slot with me please send me an email at, stating the style and type you want (with commission in the subject line) and/or an ask/fanmail here on tumblr! thank you for your time! 

why is yuri so male-gazey like i thought yaoi and yuri were marketed to women

Every day’s great at your Junes!   (╹ ‿ ╹✿)


there’s only one thing capes are useful for as far as im concerned


All the stars are shining in your eyes。。。






heres the thing: i really, honestly think that if youre an adult and youre going to inform a child that their opinion on something is harmful on tumblr

there is literally no excuse for doing it in the form of a reblog. message them privately if you absolutely feel that it is necessary for you to engage them and that you can conduct yourself in an appropriate and gentle way

i dont think its appropriate to publicly correct a young teenager or pre-teen, especially one who you do not have any kind of a relationship with, especially in a way that shames them and exposes their mistakes to a wider adult audience

like this is honestly the minimum expectation and i thought expecting adults not to gang up on teenagers was setting the bar pretty low but you guys keep doing it over and over again

here are all the animals


  • birb (tall birb, short birb, and the big mouthed birbs)
  • snak and leggy snak of varying sizes/shapes
  • pup pup (including big pup pup and small pup pup)
  • kity (big kity, fast kity, and small kity)
  • buggy
  • large ones that will bully you for a pellet at the petting zoo

thats all the animals




this is one of the many reasons i love having a toy piano


let’s bring this back